Transparent Pricing Strategy

Based upon the nationally recognized fuel indexes such as OPIS or PLATTS, we will benchmark your fuel prices. By utilizing a verifiable published index, you will know what your fuel price is every day, even before you receive your delivery.


Volatile prices in the fuel industry can not only disrupt your business, but can significantly decrease your bottom line. Luke Oil offers extensive price management programs designed to protect you from the volatile fuel market.

Inventory Management

Luke Oil provides the tools needed to manage your fuel supply. Through use of our inventory management program, you will be guarded against run-outs and overfills. We can save you time and money by monitoring your tanks and scheduling your deliveries in coordination with market moves.

Transportation Partner

Luke Transport can provide you with error-free and on-time deliveries that help minimize the volatility of the fuel market moves. We select the most qualified drivers and provide them with extensive training to ensure they can perform their duties safely and effectively. We provide additional training on the fuel indexes, fuel price benchmarking and watch market deliveries. This approach to service and ongoing partnership with our customers has allowed Luke Transport to continue to grow.

Programs We Offer

Credit Card Processing
Credit Card Fee Analysis
Watch Market Pricing
Loyalty Programs
Marketing – Advertising
Brand Standards
Equipment Finance
Fuel Buying Alternatives
GoLo Rack Pricing (Coming Soon!)
Retail Training Resources

GoLo Goals

To own your own Brand LLC.
To set the standard for service and ensure our customers are financially successful.
Deliver on price, brand and service.
Continue to be the fastest growing brand, improve the brand & offering, and create ultimate growth opportunity for its members.

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