• Petroleum Wholesaler

    We are a petroleum wholesaler & marketer selling throughout Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Missouri and Ohio.

  • Luke Transport

    We own and operate Luke Transport, a fleet of transport trucks. Our footprint includes Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.

  • Fuel Supplier

    We supply fuel to hundreds of accounts, including gas stations, commercial, government, distributors, and other wholesale accounts.

  • Deliver

    We can deliver to your above-ground or underground tanks.

  • Risk Management

    We provide risk management strategies and provide fuel inventory management solutions.

  • Common Carriers

    We work with common carriers in outlying communities


Imaging Checklist
  • Dealer Sign Off Sheet
  • Up hold Brand Standards
  • Execution – Service
  • Dealer Support
  • Contract – Site Survey
  • Contract – Sign Survey
  • Order Materials
  • Schedule Painter
  • 2 Weeks on Site
  • 4 to 6 Weeks for Sign(s)
  • Completion and Install


Luke Oil has the luxury of owning and operating fleet trucks throughout the Chicagoland geographic area. We take great pride in serving our customer with the same amenities we provide to ourselves in our retail space. Luke Oil specializes in our industry innovating “Watch Market” deliveries; which allows our customers to always be correct side of the market, regardless of volatility. Our goal is to serve our customers, and deliver the best product at the lowest price, in a timely manner.


Luke Oil offers the very best operational support with industry Processes, Data, Applications and Technology. Today’s competitive business environment demands a closer look at the cost and efficiency of back-office operations. Luke Oil continuously works to maximize your operational efficiencies. You can now access both the Website Portal and Credit Card Portal, to ensure the single service experience is being provided. Our customers can have confidence in our proven track record, our time-tested technology, and hands-on experience of our seasoned professionals. Luke Oil can help you outsource costly procedures, and scale your services to enable you to expand your business and satisfy more clients.